August Team Challenges

We’ve heard before that the Ride for Roswell is more than just a bike ride. It’s about being surrounded by thousands of people that all share in the same passion as you: ending cancer. The people that surround you, the traditions, the tents — all of it rolls together to make a memorable Ride Day.

Well, we all know things have to be a bit different this year, but we know that if any group of people can use their passion to rally together from a distance, it’s our riders, our volunteers and our teams!

Speaking of teams, how have we re-imagined the traditional team contests, you ask? Well, all your favorite team contests – tents and t-shirts – will be back, just with a twist.  We’re even adding a team photo contest! We will be sending all team captains a packet with templates for each contest (you can also download them below). Share the templates with your team and submit the final products by August 16. We’ll post all the submissions on August 17 for voting, with likes and comments counting as votes. We will announce the winners on August 21 and bragging rights will forever be claimed by the winning teams!