How Your Fundraising is Fighting Brain Cancer

Brain cancer can be incredibly difficult to treat, which is why finding new therapeutic approaches is critical to saving lives.

New research conducted by Drs. Robert Fenstermaker and Michael Cieselski at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center shows that one of the most commonly occurring molecules in cancer cells may be an attractive target for a broad range of immunotherapy approaches – therapies that target the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.

Because of this study, which was funded in part by donations to Roswell Park, the team has discovered that antibodies that target a form of survivin — a protein present in many cancers — have distinct therapeutic potential.

“We’ve dedicated more than a decade to studying survivin as a target for cancer immunotherapy. This work has opened up a variety of new options for using different forms of immunotherapy for hard-to-treat cancers,” says Dr. Fenstermaker.

Learn more about this study in Roswell Park’s recent news release.

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