Fundraising Spotlight: Monica Farnham

Monica Farnham is the captain of team Miles For Monica and a 5-year breast cancer survivor.
What made you choose Roswell Park?  
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Roswell Park immediately came to mind. I knew that would be where I would have all my treatments done & was the place that saved my life.

How long have you been involved with The Ride For Roswell?

I have been doing the ride since 2010, starting with a team of two & growing each year.
Q: How many riders did you have last year?
Last year we had 24 riders!
How much have you raised since your journey with the Ride for Roswell?
A: We raised over $23,000.00, since 2010 our Grand Total raised is over $70,000.00! Because of this, I along with several other team members have been part of the EMC since I started riding.
Q: How do you show your continuous passion for the ride:
We are a year round fundraising team & I think our totals say it all! I work out at GM in Lockport. I work with Patty Giles , who is always coming up with new ideas to fundraise. With her help our team has been such a success each year.
Q:What are some of the fundraisers you’ve held in support of the Ride for Roswell?
A: We have had basket raffles, made a recipe for Roswell cookbooks which we sold at work, to friends & family, the Roswell gift shop & even set up a breast cancer awareness table at the Boulevard Mall during breast cancer awareness month in October. We also had a quilt donated & we raffled it off!
Q: How do you promote Cancer Awareness?
A: We promote cancer awareness at work by starting PINK FRIDAYS in October. Hundreds of workers show their support by wearing pink, Patty & I usually dress in Pink Costumes to make it fun.