The COVID-19 Response Fund

We are living in a global event most of us could not have imagined even a few weeks ago. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented changes in all our lives, with profound upheavals in family, social, financial and work situations.

And not only is this pandemic affecting our most vulnerable including cancer patients – it has also changed the lives of those that care for them, our health care workers.

Hospitals are rapidly shifting to adapt to the evolving demands of caring for COVID-19 patients, and Roswell Park is no exception. 

Throughout the month of April, all Ride donations will go toward the Roswell Park COVID-19 Response Fund, which will be used immediately to help our patients and staff in four vital areas.

Medical Treatment & Research

Roswell Park researchers continue to work in close collaboration with cancer centers around the nation. Our researchers are already preparing projects to develop everything from assessment tools to treatments of patients impacted by a global pandemic like COVID-19. Research donations to Roswell’s COVID-19 Response fund will be earmarked for three research studies.

Patient Financial Assistance - The Angel Fund

There are times when patients and their families experience extraordinary financial challenges when diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment. The impact of COVID-19 makes that financial strain even more debilitating. The Angel Fund provides critical financial support for those we serve who find themselves in sudden and desperate financial circumstances during this pandemic.

Staff & Patient Support

While there is a self-isolation and work from home mandate from New York State, there are essential clinical staff and patients who have to come to Roswell Park. These individuals do not have a choice during this pandemic but here are several ways this fund seeks to support these individuals during this pandemic. Support of the COVID-19 Response Fund will help purchase:

  • iPads for patient communication with loved ones while visitors are limited during the pandemic.
  • Meals for frontline caregivers to provide dinner to their family after a long shift.
  • Massage chairs in the staff wellness rooms.
  • Health monitoring supplies to patients to utilize during telemedicine appointments.

MEdical Supplies

N95 masks are an invaluable line of defense for our staff against coronavirus. Support of the COVID-19 Response Fund will help Roswell Park purchase approved masks to quickly get them into the hands of our front line staff to keep them and our patients safe.

While we don’t know how long this current environment will last,

we do know there is an immediate need for help. Your support of Roswell Park’s COVID-19 Response Fund during  this new fight, right here at home, will be put to work immediately.

An Important Message from the Ride for Roswell

In these crazy times, it’s difficult not to get overwhelmed with all the constant changes and uncertainty of the future.

We get it because we feel it, too.

We want you to know that our team is working through whether the 2020 Ride for Roswell weekend will take place as it usually does. We are considering several options – the traditional Ride Day, a modified date or plan, or going completely virtual. This is a lot to consider – but know that we are working closely with top public health officials to make the right decision. The safety of our riders, our volunteers, our sponsors, Roswell Park staff and patients, and the Western New York community as a whole is our top priority.

We will have an official decision on May 1.

No matter what we decide, #RFR20 will take place in some way because our mission matters just as much as it ever has, if not more than ever before. The people we’ve spent the last 25 years riding for are some of the community’s most vulnerable during this global pandemic. They need us – to keep pushing, keep riding and keep raising funds.

They are depending on us. We won’t stop, and we know you won’t either.

Thank you for being on our side and joining us in our mission to end cancer.

Throughout the month of April,

all Ride donations will go toward the Roswell Park COVID-19 Response Fund, which will be used immediately to help our patients and staff in four vital areas:

Thank you again, for your support, your dedication and your passion. Together we will do what we do best –make a difference.

Be safe and healthy.

Your friends at Ride for Roswell