Find your perfect route at the 2021 Ride

The 2021 Ride for Roswell is fast approaching, but are you still not sure which route is right for you? Don’t worry – let us guide you to your perfect Ride Day experience on Saturday, August 7.

The first thing we want you to know is – you can do it! We recommend you take each route at your own pace. Enjoy the ride. Stop for some refreshments and a smiling face at any of our rest stops along the way. Cherish time with family and friends. You know your body, the type of bike you own, and your level of comfort better than anyone. So, let that be your guide when selecting your route.

This year, we are excited to offer four different locations with varying start times and route lengths. Check them out and choose the location that you think will be the most enjoyable for you!


3-mile route, 10-mile route

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to enjoy a summer day in Buffalo, pick the Outer Harbor route. We recommend this location for families and teams. Get your camera ready and be prepared to snap some awesome pictures along Downtown Buffalo’s beautiful waterway.

15-mile route

Have you ever wanted to take a tour of Buffalo waterfront and some of the city’s hidden gems? Here is your chance. Enjoy a Slow Roll through our wonderful city of good neighbors with your family and friends. You have 15 miles to take in the water and city as you ride this police and SlowRoll Buffalo-escorted route. This route starts and ends at Buffalo Outer Harbor.

3-mile route, 10-mile route, 20-mile route, 30-mile route

If you are looking for a traditional experience, the University at Buffalo is the perfect option for you.  The shorter routes incorporate bike paths around the campus and the longer routes branch out into the Town of Tonawanda. We recommend the 3-mile and 10-mile routes for families with young children.

10-mile route, 20-mile route, 26-mile route

Chosen as a crowd favorite last year, Grand Island offers beautiful views of the Niagara River and a paved bike path. The 10-mile and 20-mile routes take you through West River Parkway and along Grand Island. The 26-mile route is a loop around the entire Island. We recommend the 10-mile route for families. The 20-mile and 26-mile route is geared towards recreational and endurance cyclists.

If you haven’t seen your perfect Ride location or can’t make it out on Ride day, then register to ride your own way. This option allows you to bring the Ride for Roswell anywhere you’d like by picking your location, start time and distance.

No matter which way you choose to ride in this year’s Ride for Roswell, you’ll be making a difference in the lives of cancer patients everywhere.

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