3 reasons why Facebook fundraisers are game changers

Many of us know that living in the digital age has changed nearly everything. We can now connect with friends near and far at the click of a button. Facebook has played a huge part in keeping us connected with the ones we love, from sharing major life updates and photos from our most recent vacations to raising awareness about causes near and dear to our hearts. Fundraising has been positively impacted by the ease of Facebook. 

Anyone who signs up to participate in the Ride for Roswell has the option to connect their online fundraising dashboard with Facebook. And it has quite the impact! So what is it about this integration that helps so much? Here are three benefits.


Not only is setting up the integration easy, but donating on Facebook is also incredibly effortless. People can make a donation to your mission without ever leaving the social media site. 

Easily spread the word

One of the best parts about utilizing Facebook is that you can easily spread the word to your entire network. Think about your Facebook friends – family, people you went to school with, colleagues, teachers and more. You’ll be able to tell them why you’re riding without needing their phone number or email address.

Additionally, Facebook fundraisers are public, so anyone on the app can find your fundraiser, be inspired by your reason for riding and donate to support you! You never know who you might get a donation from. 

Create more impact

You are riding because you want to make an impact in the lives of cancer patients, right? Well Facebook can help you make an even bigger impact. Riders who fundraise using Facebook raise, on average, more than $500 in comparison with riders who do not. 

So, what are you waiting for? Connect your online dashboard with Facebook and raise more funds for patients at Roswell Park.