Did you know there are exactly 25 weeks until the 25th anniversary of the Ride? In honor of that, we wanted to do something extra special this year. Introducing 25 in 25: Tales of the Ride!

Each week, we will be showcasing a different story about the Ride. From riders to survivors to volunteers and everything in between, our community is filled with inspirational tales and we want to tell as many as we can. First up – the story of our new logo. Since we’re celebrating a milestone year, it was time for a refresh. We wanted to keep elements from our previous logo, like the rider and the colors, while incorporating more modern fonts and a different layout. We also added something special for the 25th anniversary – the banner. 

Our team went through a lot of options before finding the one – check out the story of our new logo below. 

And stay tuned for next week when we premiere our second story about a childhood cancer patients who, through lifesaving treatments at Roswell Park, is now able to ride with her husband and children.