Fundraising Tip: Connect Your Dashboard to Facebook

Whether you’re an experienced or novice fundraiser, everyone loves a useful tool to help their efforts! Our team has just the thing. When you register for the Ride, make sure to connect your online fundraising dashboard to Facebook.

This utilization allows you to spread the word about your fundraiser, send updates to your audience, track your progress and receive donations all on Facebook. Your friends and family can easily donate when scrolling through their newsfeeds and everyone will be able to see your progress on both Facebook and your dashboard.

Follow the below steps to begin using this tool!

Here's How to Connect Your Fundraiser to Facebook

1. Log in to your fundraising dashboard

2. Scroll down and click on “Connect Fundraiser to Facebook.” 

3. After being redirected to Facebook, follow the prompts to connect.

If you used Facebook fundraising for the Ride before, you will not receive any popups. Instead, go to Facebook and you’ll receive a notification saying your fundraiser is live. 

4. Once connected, edit your fundraiser’s information, including the name, image, goal and story. 

5. Promote it by sharing or inviting people to your fundraiser to start receiving donations

This tool will allow you to spread the word about your fundraiser, engage directly with donors and reach more people than you ever thought possible. For questions about fundraising with Facebook and donations made through Facebook, check out our FAQ page.

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Team Kenni

Featured team:

team kenni

Why do you participate in the Ride?

My mom and I started Team Kenni in 2016, shortly after my dad (Kenni Graber) was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. We wanted to show him that we were his cheerleaders, and just to do something positive during what was otherwise the most difficult, negative situation imaginable.  Even though my father was put into Hospice care before Ride Day, he was determined to survive until after the Ride, and to see us all in our jerseys. Since then, Team Kenni has grown in size and in impact. We have more riders, raise more funds, and ride longer distances. The event remains a way to honor my dad and celebrate his life… but it has become so much more than that to us. Roswell Park has become an important community that we passionately identify with and are uplifted by. The Ride, over the years, has been a way for us to process our grief, and to mark our ability to overcome the tragedy of my father’s death.

Team Kenni group photo
Team Kenni group photo
Team Kenni group photo

What does leading a team mean to you?

I once read somewhere that when a person suffers from cancer, everyone who loves that person suffers, too. I hope that I will never personally experience what my father did – I will never intimately know his suffering. However, being the primary caretaker of a terminally ill person is a suffering, in and of itself. The Ride for Roswell has become so important to my family and I for so many reasons. First of all, it allows us a positive space to celebrate my dad’s life. Secondly, it allows us to give back in a meaningful way. But – perhaps most importantly – it allows us to celebrate ourselves, and the fact that we made it through an extremely traumatic event, but came out better people who are more passionately invested in our community. When considering all of this, I am so humbled by my amazing friends and family members who sign up, year after year, to support my mother and I in this experience.

What is your favorite part about Ride weekend?

I always have two favorite parts about Ride Weekend: The Celebration of Hope and our personal Team Kenni After Party. The Celebration of Hope really allows riders to see the impact that they’re making. It humanizes the fundraising process and shows that real people – in our own backyard – are seeing the immediate benefit of what we’re working for. Our After Party, on the other hand, honors our riders and donors. It allows us to express gratitude for them. We’re not only thankful that they are donating their time and money to a cause we care about – we’re also thankful that they’re showing up to emotionally support us in a way that has helped us heal and move on.

Team Kenni poses for photo
Team Kenni group photo

Christina Porcari

Featured Rider:

Christina Porcari

Why do you participate in the Ride?

I have a team every year in memory of my Dad, who passed away from Pancreatic Cancer on Christmas Day, 2012. My Dad was treated at Roswell Park for several months, and while they were the hardest months for our family, we felt so lucky to have Roswell in our backyard. The nurses treated us like family and took such amazing care of my Dad.

Christina Porcari with dad
Christina Porcari's father

My memories of Roswell are very mixed – we lost my Dad to a very aggressive cancer so our visits there were often filled with tears and pain.

But it was also a place for hope – recovery after an intensive surgery, treatments to give him a fighting chance and extra days with his family. Hope for other families around us.

My Dad may not be with us today but I will carry on his memory every day, and continue to support Roswell in hopes other families will get to bring their loved ones home.

What is your favorite part about Ride weekend?

The volunteers! Riding along the routes with hundreds of volunteers to cheer you on is incredible. Make sure to stop and ask them why they volunteer – they all have their own story and it is a beautiful culmination of different paths leading us to support one cause.

Christina Porcari

What To Know Before Riding With Us

The Ride Team has been hard at work the past few months to create fun, safe weekend Ride events that will allow the Ride community to experience a little of what you know and love about the Ride for Roswell.
We are following New York State and CDC guidelines to allow us to hold the Summer of the Ride. Part of those guidelines include a few things you need to know about Ride Day, no matter where you’re riding.

Rain is in the forecast.

But we won’t let it dampen the last weekend of the Summer of the Ride!

Our celebration weekend rides will take place, rain or shine. We’re keeping a close eye on the weather and taking the necessary measures to provide the safest and most enjoyable day possible.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you’re prepared for a rainy ride:

General Preventative Actions

Staff, volunteers and riders are urged to take everyday preventative actions to help prevent the spread of germs and illness. This includes:

Keep a safe distance

At every opportunity, maintain a 6-foot distance from those not in your group.


You can review your route, check out rest rooms and water stops before your Ride Day and follow along in real time by using Ride with GPS.


Upon arriving at your in-person ride location, parking your car and gathering your ride gear, we ask that everyone wear a mask. If you forget a mask, we will have masks available at check-in. Masks should be worn at all times.

Bike Safety

Text alerts

Health Screening

At check-in you will be asked to complete a self-screening, which includes a list of questions and symptoms to confirm you are cleared to ride. The screening will include hand sanitizer and a mask if you forgot yours! Self-screening questions will include:

In the last 14 days, have you had a new onset of any of the following symptoms:

In the last 14 days have you:

If you answer yes to any of the above, you unfortunately will not be able to participate in Ride Day to ensure the safety of our riders, volunteers and staff.


While these in-person rides will give you a little bit of that much-loved Ride Day experience, including a selfie station, to-go food from Tops Markets and music, there are a few things you should know:

The Ride Team is here to help. If you have any concerns or questions, reach out at any time. We will be with you every step of your Ride Day, ensuring that teams get out, cleaning surfaces, directing routes and more.

See you on your Ride Day!

Fundraising Spotlight: Monica Farnham

Monica Farnham is the captain of team Miles For Monica and a 5-year breast cancer survivor.
What made you choose Roswell Park?  
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Roswell Park immediately came to mind. I knew that would be where I would have all my treatments done & was the place that saved my life.

How long have you been involved with The Ride For Roswell?

I have been doing the ride since 2010, starting with a team of two & growing each year.
Q: How many riders did you have last year?
Last year we had 24 riders!
How much have you raised since your journey with the Ride for Roswell?
A: We raised over $23,000.00, since 2010 our Grand Total raised is over $70,000.00! Because of this, I along with several other team members have been part of the EMC since I started riding.
Q: How do you show your continuous passion for the ride:
We are a year round fundraising team & I think our totals say it all! I work out at GM in Lockport. I work with Patty Giles , who is always coming up with new ideas to fundraise. With her help our team has been such a success each year.
Q:What are some of the fundraisers you’ve held in support of the Ride for Roswell?
A: We have had basket raffles, made a recipe for Roswell cookbooks which we sold at work, to friends & family, the Roswell gift shop & even set up a breast cancer awareness table at the Boulevard Mall during breast cancer awareness month in October. We also had a quilt donated & we raffled it off!
Q: How do you promote Cancer Awareness?
A: We promote cancer awareness at work by starting PINK FRIDAYS in October. Hundreds of workers show their support by wearing pink, Patty & I usually dress in Pink Costumes to make it fun.

Year 23: 2018

  • 7,751 riders raise $5.3 million
  • Top fundraiser: John Conciardo – $104,450
  • Top youth fundraiser: Samantha Van Wicklin – $28,560
  • Top team: Team West Herr
  • Volunteer award: Bill Niblock
  • The 2018 Extra Mile Club has 1,470 members
  • New & Notable: The Ride breaks the $5 million mark. Roswell Park Cancer Institute changes its name to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center to reflect its status as one of only 48 comprehensive cancer centers in the United States.
Survivor and Ride volunteer Chris Eberle, who spearheaded the creation of the Ceremonial Torch the year before, lit it in 2018.

See photos from the event!

What’s The Ride’s Role in National Cancer Prevention Month?

February is National Cancer Prevention Month

National Cancer Prevention Month aims to increase awareness of cancer prevention methods and ways to minimize the risk of developing the disease. There are many factors that can lead to cancer, and not all of them are fully understood. However, through major advancements in cancer research, we’re developing a better understanding of the factors that can increase (or decrease) your likelihood of getting cancer, such as heredity and lifestyle choices.

Recent prevention studies at Roswell Park

At any given time, there are a number of research studies underway at Roswell Park that aim to improve our understanding of what causes cancer and how to prevent it. In fact, just this week Roswell Park shared findings from a study led by Kirsten Moysich, PhD, MS, Distinguished Professor of Oncology in the Department of Cancer Prevention and Control that suggests that living a sedentary lifestyle poses a significant risk for certain cancers. Two research teams led by Dr. Moysich have identified a direct association between physical inactivity and two different types of cancer: lung cancer and head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.

“The link between physical inactivity and cancer was consistently found in both men and women, normal-weight and overweight individuals, and among both smokers and nonsmokers,” says Dr. Moysich.

And The Ride helped her teams come to these discoveries: the study was supported in part by donations to Roswell Park. Learn more about the study.

Funding is needed for new research ideas

Donations are vital to Roswell Park’s ability to launch new studies in cancer prevention. Twice a year, Roswell Park’s researchers compete for seed funding from the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), an objective group of scientists and clinicians. The SAC reviews their proposals and awards grants to the most promising research ideas. These SAC grants, which come entirely from donations to Roswell Park, allows researchers can obtain the pilot data they need to apply for national grant funding.

Between April 2016 and March 2017, 28 research projects received a total of $1.3 million in SAC grants. Read the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation’s most recent annual report to learn more.

Your participation matters

For every $1 raised through The Ride For Roswell, Roswell Park can leverage an added $13 in national grant funding for new research projects. Your efforts also enable Roswell Park to provide a full range of patient-care programs that ease the cancer journey for patients and their families. Together, we are making a difference.

Join us on June 23, 2018, as we continue our mission to end cancer. Register to ride or donate to a rider today.

You Can Inspire Others

Cancer doesn’t discriminate — it impacts children, the elderly, fathers and mothers, beloved neighbors, coworkers and friends. The Ride For Roswell is a powerful way to raise awareness and inspire others to join our mission: finding a cure for cancer.

Be…part of the change

In order for cancer to be eliminated, we need to all be a part of the narrative. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take part in The Ride For Roswell, but something has held you back — until now.
Now you can see yourself as part of the change. Ready to join in the fight, the tribute, the celebration. Ready to ride with us towards a cancer-free future.

Be…an inspiration

We all have our own reasons to be a part of The Ride For Roswell. But the one thing we all share is the desire to live in a world where no one fears a cancer diagnosis. That’s why, when people see you standing up for a cause, it can inspire them to stand up, too. After all, it only took one man, inspired by one courageous little girl, to create the very first Ride for Roswell.

Be…a part of something bigger

The Ride For Roswell is so much more than a charity cycling event. Funds raised from The Ride For Roswell go directly to cutting-edge cancer research and quality-of-life programs at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Roswell Park researchers investigate new treatment options and lead clinical trials. They have a profound effect on the scope of cancer treatments for both common and rare types of the disease. These therapies offer patients advanced treatment choices in our community and in cancer centers worldwide. Raising funds for The Ride For Roswell is a way to impact cancer on a global level.

Join us as we ride together

Register today to be a part of the solution. Grab some friends, family members or co-workers and create a Ride For Roswell team. If you plan to ride solo, register for one of our scenic downtown, river or country routes. You’re sure to make friends along the way. Cancer impacts so many of us – let’s ride together to end it, once and for all.

Spread the Ride Love to Our patients with a Ride Valentine!

Looking to make an impact right off the bat? Want to bring a smile to the face of someone fighting cancer? Well, this year, if you register before February 14, we will present a Valentine to a Roswell Park patient in your honor. We want to start 2018 off by spreading some love to those we ride for, so register now!

Register Today!

Your participation matters

When you commit to joining The Ride For Roswell, you commit to raising critically needed funds for cancer research at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. You are also raising funds to support compassionate patient-care programs. The faculty and staff at Roswell Park are committed to developing impactful quality-of-life programs for our patients and their families, like providing free wigs and head coverings, bedside attendants who give patients a helping hand during their stay, inpatient comfort kits and much more.
We want to help patients focus on their cancer fight and help them remember that cancer does not define them.
So register today and start spreading love and support to our patients at Roswell Park! 
Take a sneak peek of our Valentine’s Day cards below!


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Buffalo, NY 14263

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Proceeds directly benefit: