Seven Creative Ways to Fundraise

Ride for Roswell is almost here! Check out our seven tips to help you reach and exceed your fundraising goals while having fun doing it.

1) Get social.

They don’t call it social media for nothing. Share your fundraising page on all your social platforms to spread the word that you’re raising funds to end cancer.

2) Tap into tech.

When it comes to fundraising, there are tons of ways to use technology to your advantage. Try going live on social media and talking about fundraising, make a video asking for donations or live stream on a platform like Twitch and share your Ride for Roswell fundraising link in your stream. 

3) Be daring.

Use your fundraising as an opportunity to challenge yourself to get outside your comfort zone. Do a pushup for every dollar you raise. Make an origami swan each time someone donates. Whatever you choose, make it a challenge that will get people buzzing.

4) Play to your strengths.

Everyone’s good at something. By playing to your strengths — be it crafting, singing, running or anything else — you can take your fundraising to the next level.

5) Make it an event.

Fundraising can really bring people together. Try hosting an event like a dinner, jam session or art class where the proceeds go toward your fundraising goal. Just be safe and follow recommended COVID-19 precautions.

6) Find a community partner.

Visit local businesses and ask them about ways they can help raise funds for your Ride. They may donate, match your donation or offer you a space to promote your Ride.

Click here to see if your business has a matching gift program.

7) Tell a friend (or 10).

Nothing beats word of mouth. Tell your friends and family what you’re doing and ask them to spread the word! You can also talk to other riders for more inspiration.

What To Expect: Ride Season 2022

The 2022 Ride for Roswell is Saturday, June 25 at the University at Buffalo. But that’s just one of the many exciting things we have happening this Ride season!

When you make the decision to be part of the Ride community, you are committing to making a difference in the lives of cancer patients. This year, we have eight routes all starting and ending at the University at Buffalo.* Routes for riders of all ages and skill levels include:

  • 3-mile family fun
  • 10-mile river route
  • 20-mile river route
  • 30-mile river route
  • 34-mile country route
  • 45-mile country route
  • 65-mile country route
  • 100-mile country route

Find out more about the routes here.

Ride Day will be filled with everything you need to celebrate and remember those in your life who have been touched by cancer. From team tents to food from Tops Friendly Markets to finish line cheering — we can’t wait to see you!

Riders also have the option to customize their Ride experience through Ride Your Own Way. You are in control of your Ride! It can be one day or every weekend, 5 or 45 miles, on a road or a stationary bike at home — whatever works for you or your team! All that matters is you’ll be fundraising and making a difference for cancer patients.

But that’s not all. Here’s what else you can look forward to this year.

Monday, March 28 – Friday, April 1

Join us for a week of fun-filled fundraising challenges and activities to inspire the Ride community. Spirit week is a great time for riders to share their pride and get rewarded for their efforts. Stay tuned to your email and social media in March for more details.

Wednesday, March 30 

Buffalo RiverWorks

Join us at the official Ride for Roswell Kickoff at Buffalo RiverWorks! This is a time for you to rally your team, snag some Ride gear and get ready for the most impactful event of the year.

Join us at several of our favorite local breweries for Beers and Gears. When you purchase drink tickets during our events, 100% of the proceeds will go toward your Ride for Roswell fundraising page! Stay tuned for more information on dates and locations. 

Friday, June 24 

The Celebration of Hope honors and celebrates cancer survivors and the collective spirit of Roswell Park as the heart of Western New York’s fight against cancer. Bring your families to share an inspiring evening with stories of hope and promise for the future!

You’ll experience:

  • The arrival of the Extra Mile Club Peloton
  • The procession, featuring patients, survivors, doctors, nurses and researchers
  • Family-friendly activities and entertainment
  • Food and beverages


This event is free and open to the Buffalo community, so bring your friends and family with you!

* As of today, the 2022 Ride for Roswell will require volunteers and riders to show proof of vaccination in accordance with the University at Buffalo’s COVID policies. This applies to all volunteers and riders over the age of 5 who will be starting and finishing their Ride experience at the University at Buffalo. This will also include all attendees of on-campus events such as the Celebration of Hope and post-ride festivities at Baird Point. We will continue to monitor guidelines and communicate any changes to policies as they arise.

Everything you need to know about the TraQCentral app

Everything you need to know about the TraQCentral App

The TraQCentral app allows our staff, as well as friends and family, to track you on your Ride Day experience. Download the app today and make sure to share with your team and network.


1.) Download the app from your smart phone

2.) starting the app

  • Click on the TraQCentral Icon.
  • If you have already created a TraQCentral Account, you will be taken to the Login page. Enter your email address & password. Click the Login button.
  • If you have never used TraQCentral, you must first create an account. Enter your email address, first name, last name, password & confirm password. Click the Sign Up button.
  • Choose Ride for Roswell from the list. Events are sorted by date and proximity.
  • If your event is not live yet, the system will register you for that event and display a countdown to the event start date/time.
  • If your event is live, click the Start Now button. Enter your phone number and bib # (optional). Choose your route from the list and click the GO! Button.
  • A location tracking permissions box will display. Choose “Allow all the time” so we can track your location while you are using TraQCentral today.  TraQCentral only tracks your location while in use.
  • Your current location and route will be shown.

3.) How to request assistance

  • From the Home Screen, click the Assistance box.
  • Choose your type of requested assistance (Mechanical, Minor Medical, Emergency, Exhaustion or Other). If an Emergency, please call 911 before submitting a request for assistance.
  • Enter any optional comments or details.
  • Click Send.
  • The Support Command Center will be immediately alerted. They usually respond with the expected ETA of Support Staff/Vehicle. You can view notifications by clicking on the Messages box or comments icon at the middle/bottom of the home screen.

4.) How to share progress with friends and family

  • Click the Menu icon in the Share Progress & Photos section of the home page/screen.
  • Click the Share icon.
  • Choose how you wish to share your progress (Text Message, social media, etc.)
  • Click Send. Your chosen contacts will receive a web link that will display your up-to-the minute location and allow them to send you shoutouts throughout the event.

Download it today to get started! If you have questions, please feel free to email us at or give us a call at 716-THE-RIDE (716-843-7433).

Annie lights the way as the 2021 torch lighter

Annie lights the way as the Ride for Roswell 2021 Torch lighter!

As a young wife and mother of three, Annie’s journey has not been easy.

“This club that I joined was not something I ever wanted to be a part of, but it’s not an invitation that you are welcome to decline, said Annie.

Once diagnosed, Annie rushed to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. In the beginning, she remembers experiencing a wide range of emotions. Fear, grief, confusion and anger all tried to get the best of her, but then, something clicked. Annie’s determination to fight took over.

“I was 40 when I was diagnosed with cancer. I turn 42 the week of the Ride, right before I finish up my last treatment cycle.”

What a week it will be.

Annie, her family, and friends will celebrate her birthday and the end of her cancer treatment at the 2021 Ride for Roswell. Better yet, she will be ringing in her victory as the Ride for Roswell torch lighter. Even though this is her first year participating in the Ride, Annie’s dedication is unwavering.

Annie with family

“It’s so incredibly important that we raise these critical funds so that there can be a cure one day. So, we don’t have to continue to live in a world where someone gets a diagnosis, and we don’t know what is going to happen,” Annie said.

Annie will never stop fighting for a cure. She recently lost a good friend, Diann, that she met at Roswell through chemo. Diann was diagnosed with breast cancer three times and had a profound impact on Annie – guiding her through her journey. Coming out of Diann’s funeral, Annie realized that being the torch lighter is bigger than she ever imagined. This is her opportunity to continue Diann’s legacy and help others on their cancer journey.

“I hope that I can help others that are going through a similar situation. I will be there like my friend has been there for me. For other young people that are going through this with their young families.”

Annie and her team, Need for Speed, have raised almost $15,000 towards this year’s Ride and their impact is not over.

Annie headshot

“I don’t want more people to be impacted by this while there is not a cure, and I don’t want to go to any more funerals of friends because of this terrible club that we’re all a part of.”

August 7 is a very big day for Annie. Not only will she be riding for the first time, but it marks the next phase of her life.  

“I was diagnosed when I was 40 and I will be closing out year 41 with finishing up treatment, starting off cancer free and being done!”

Ride with Nicole this Summer

If it weren’t for the Ride, Nicole Cooke says she may not be where she is today. After losing her grandfather, David, to pancreatic cancer, she registered for the Ride for Roswell.

Nine years later, she is still just as committed to the Ride. Not only has she rode hundreds of miles, but she’s also fundraised more than $20,000 for patients at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. Today, Nicole can’t imagine her summer without participating in the Ride.

I feel like Roswell was the starting point of my journey into non-profit executive leadership,” Nicole said. “If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I would be biking for charity, raising thousands of dollars, and riding hundreds of miles; I would have laughed because I would be like, ‘oh, I could never do that.’ But then I did.”

This year, Nicole is riding the 65-mile route at Niagara County Community College. Even though it’s a new year, the reason she rides remains the same.

“I ride because I lost my grandfather to cancer. I always say I ride for a world where no one else loses their grandpa.”

Nicole’s grandfather was a kind and generous man. When he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Nicole and her family knew Roswell Park would offer him the best care. When David passed away, Roswell sent Nicole’s grandmother white roses.

“That’s what makes Roswell Park so special and why so many people feel compelled to do the Ride because you feel like they see you and your family as real people.”

Likewise, Nicole loves participating in the Ride and coming together as a community to change the future.

“For people who participate in the Ride, it’s a moving experience and it changes you as a person. It’s not even just about the money raised, it’s about the experience.”

Her favorite moment of the Ride is the moment of silence at the start line when all the cancer survivors raise their hands.

She loves knowing she’s part of changing the lives of cancer patients by raising funds for research and quality of life programs at Roswell Park.

“The one thing that I love about the Alliance Foundation is that it often pays for things that are more quality of life. It is clinical research, treatment, and cutting-edge science, but at the same time it’s iPads for people who couldn’t get visited during COVID, it a Nintendo for the kid’s lounge, it’s art classes for adults who need a therapeutic outlet.”


Nicole and friend hold up bikes

Today, Nicole cannot imagine her life without the Ride. When Nicole looks back on her past nine years, she hopes that her impact will touch and comfort more families as the Ride community raises more funds that go towards cutting-edge research. 

“Not only did I do it, but thousands of other people showed up for the same cause – we all did it!’ I think there is something to be said about the collective feeling of achievement.”

Ride your own way: our favorite bike routes in WNY

If you already have plans for Saturday, August 7 but still want to support the Ride for Roswell, we have the perfect opportunity for you. Riding your own way is your chance to experience the Ride on your terms. You choose the date, location and distance! This allows you to still support cancer patients at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center while fitting it into your busy, summer schedule.

Need some help creating a route? Our team is here to help! This year, we have even more curated routes for you to enjoy that take you all around Western New York

Here is a list of our favorite scenic, fun, and tasty bike routes. Take a look, pick your favorite and enjoy the Ride your own way.

This family-friendly route provides a safe environment for you to loop around the University at Buffalo’s North campus biking trail.

Let the train tracks be your guide and ride along Cheektowaga’s historic rails to trails.

Ride from one park to another along Ellicott Creek, around UB North campus and back.

Enjoy views of the Niagara River and stop for a sweet treat – you deserve it!

Brush up on local history as you ride along the Erie Canal from Amherst to Lockport, then back on a Ride-approved bike path.

Take a nice ride through the city and enjoy a cold beverage or two to fuel you. This is a great route to enjoy with friends!


Marvel at the public art, quaint villages and the beautiful views of the Niagara River as you ride around Lewiston and Fort Niagara.

Curious about Clarence? Why not explore it from your bike as you ride through the town into Akron.

Did you know there is a train track that loops around Kenmore into Tonawanda and back? You will after you finish your ride through this beautiful historic trail.

Explore the Clarence Parkway trail as you pedal your way through Clarence to Akron.        

Ride along the Erie Canal and take in its beauty while also learning about local history.

If you love peaceful, open and lush views, this is the route for you! Enjoy the Clarence countryside while you ride to end cancer.

Do you know about Fredrick Law Olmsted? Learn about him and his work along this route. Take a tour of his parks on this epic ride through the city.

Let the water be your guide as you ride along Tonawanda Creek, down to the Erie Canal and back. You’ll pass by farms, villages and historical landmarks.

As always, no matter where you Ride for Roswell, it is important to practice safe cycling. Check out our biker safety tips here.

Take it from Derek: why you should ride from an experienced rider

Derek Fettes is an 11-year proud supporter of the Ride for Roswell. As a Roswell Park patient, team captain and Extra Mile Club member, Derek knows that the Ride was made for everyone.

On his first ride, he remembers being invited by a friend. Their connection to the Ride stemmed from both losing loved ones to cancer.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but I didn’t really know anyone who was actively doing it. But it was an easy yes for me, and I am glad I am doing it. I love it. I wouldn’t miss it now.”

Last year, the Ride became even more personal and meaningful to Derek as he became a patient at Roswell Park.



You never know when you are going to have to go there and use the facilities. From going there and seeing first-hand the work that happens, you learn a lot. You get to meet the staff, the doctors, the nurses, the support staff; everyone who is there that I have met have been great people. The Ride means even more to me now.

— Derek Fettes

This year, Derek is excited about the five different Ride locations being offered.

“I like that there are so many different rides now, and different ways you can ride,” he said.  

“People are always worried about the length of a ride, but there is a ride for everybody. I think sometimes, people get intimidated by the length of the Ride or they think it is a bike race, but it’s not. Just hop on your bike, go a couple miles and raise funds for cancer research.”

Derek is also part of a team, The Midnight Riders, and they go all out. One of his favorite Ride memories is when they went to UB and dressed up as the band Kiss and rode to “kiss cancer goodbye.” You may even see them this year representing the “force”- hint, hint! 

As for his experienced rider pro tips, he recommends:

at the ride...

Derek invites everyone to participate in the Ride for Roswell because it’s a day of fun and impact.