Bill Loecher reaches $1 million lifetime achievement

“If you know Bill, you know he moves fast. But there’s a method to Bill’s motion and it shows in all the things he’s done for both the Ride and Roswell Park.” 

– Mitch Flynn, Ride for Roswell Founder

This is a photo of Bill Loecher being honored for hitting $1 million in lifetime fundraising for Ride for Roswell.
Bill being interviewed at Ride for Roswell

In 2023, longtime rider and volunteer Bill Loecher reached a milestone only one other person has achieved in the history of Ride for Roswell: $1 million in lifetime fundraising. That year alone, he raised almost $185,000.

“Not only are people being cured but they’re extending their life. All of those things are happening and they’re happening right here at Roswell Park. It’s the most exciting time since I’ve been doing this,” said Bill in an interview at the 2023 Ride.

Commitment to the Cause

Bill’s impact on Roswell Park can’t be measured just in numbers — even though the numbers are incredibly impressive. You’d also have to look at his legacy as a whole.

Since 2012, Bill has captained Team West Herr. Under his leadership, West Herr is not only the Ride’s presenting sponsor, but also the top fundraising team. Bill’s dedication to the Ride spans far beyond Ride Weekend. He also volunteers with the event logistics team throughout the year as a member of the campus planning committee. In this role, he works with volunteers and staff to create a magical Ride Day experience for all who are involved. This entails overseeing food, flow and everything in between.

“Bill is one of a kind. He donates his time, his talents and his treasures to see the Ride succeed,” said Andrea Gregory, the director of Ride for Roswell. “Bill is at the Ride from sun up until sun down the week leading up to the event, and for several days post-event. The entire Ride Team is so grateful to Bill for his countless hours of support.”

Bill, Ride Founder Mitch Flynn, and other riders at Ride for Roswell
Bill with Roswell Park backdrop at the Peloton during Ride for Roswell
Bill Loecher at IceCycle

In 2018, Bill created and spearheaded the Herd of Hope campaign to enlist the Western New York corporate community in supporting cancer research at Roswell Park.

“Two $500,000 team science research grants were the immediate outcome of Bill’s Herd of Hope initiative,” said Ride Founder Mitch Flynn.

In addition to serving as the community chair of the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation’s scientific advisory committee, Bill took on perhaps his biggest venture in 2021. That’s when he founded a new uniquely Buffalo peer-to-peer fundraising event called IceCycle. With Bill’s tenacity, even in the face of a global pandemic, IceCycle has raised more than $1.4 million (and counting) for cancer research and quality-of-life programs at Roswell Park.  

Honoring Bill’s Lifetime Achievement

At the close of every Ride Season, top fundraisers, teams and volunteers are honored during a ceremony in Kathy and Joe Curatolo Pathways Park. During the 2023 dedication, Bill was recognized for his lifetime achievement of raising $1 million for the Ride.

Mitch noted, “It took the Ride 11 years to break the million-dollar mark for single-year fundraising, and that was back in 2006. By contrast, it only took Bill ten years to break the million-dollar mark for all-time fundraising.”

Perhaps it’s Bill’s background as a “car guy” that gives him the tools to sell this incredible cause to possible donors, or maybe it’s his contagious energy around the mission that makes people want to give back. However he does it, Bill has paved the way for lifechanging research and care through his fundraising, and he’s set a gold standard for how others can do the same.

Still, Bill emphasized that the fundraising totals are just one measure of a rider’s efforts. He took his time at the podium during the Pathways Park ceremony to highlight another group of riders. Not the top fundraisers, but instead, riders who are recognized for their efforts in securing donations.

“While the success of the Ride, like any other fundraising event, is measured in financial terms, I’ll suggest it’s not just all about the money. It’s the passion, the dedication, the determination and the relentless efforts of these individuals that truly define the success of this event.”

Bill Loecher speaking at Pathways Park, being honored for his Ride for Roswell lifetime fundraising achievement.

The Ride Team thanks you, Bill, for your years of incredible dedication and service!