When you raise $1,500 or more for Ride for Roswell, you instantly become a member of the Extra Mile Club (EMC).

By supporting Ride for Roswell, you're making it possible for Roswell Park to develop and run lifechanging Quality-of-Life Programs.

For every dollar donated to cancer research, Roswell Park receives an additional $23 in external funding for cancer research.

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By supporting Ride for Roswell, you're making it possible for Roswell Park to develop and run lifechanging Quality-of-Life Programs.

“What keeps me coming back is we’re not done," said John Heimback Jr., a two-time cancer survivor preparing for his 19th Ride for Roswell.

“The Ride is something to collaborate to bring people closer together so they can see the bigger picture. More importantly, we’re building a partnership that’s necessary to bring awareness," said George Johnson, the founder of East Side Bike Club.

Do you want a fun and enjoyable way to fundraise for your Ride for Roswell? Join us for Beers & Gears! Check out all the details.

Thanks to Ride for Roswell donors and participants, patients like Bernard “Bud” Blocho can spend more time enjoying their families and less time fighting cancer.

Over the years, the Ride has raised tens of millions of dollars for life-changing cancer research, clinical trials and treatments. That would not have been possible without volunteers like Doug Citron.

Safety is the top priority at Ride for Roswell whether you’re riding five miles or 100 miles. You can take steps now to help make sure you and the people around you have the best Ride Weekend possible! Check out these safety tips for before and during your ride.

Spirit Week runs from Monday, March 27 through Friday, March 31. Activities include a 24-hour fundraising challenge, sharing Ride photos from years past and, of course, wearing your Ride for Roswell swag!

“I’m so grateful to be here, and because I am here, I just want to try to figure out ways to make life easier for everybody else,” said Maryann. “If you know somebody who has cancer, you give them your love and support, but how you help all cancer patients – is you Ride for Roswell.”

“The Ride helps to give you some power against cancer. I’m so grateful I am able to participate and pay my dues back to Roswell, ride my heart out for my family and friends this disease has taken from me, and to cry some tears that day knowing we are riding toward a future where cancer no longer exists," said Lindsey Gold.

Each of us has the power to make a difference, whether you ride, donate, volunteer or help spread the word. Kathy said her team’s philosophy is, “A penny or a pound, it’s all forward motion.”

With nine routes to choose from ranging from five to 100 miles, there is a perfect Ride Day route for everyone!