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Change is like a ripple. It starts with one person or a group of people who decide to make a difference. Then it grows into an unstoppable force for good and it’s because of everyone that the real change is made.

That's the Ride Community

RFR riders sign t-shirt
RFR volunteers hand out Tops bags
RFR tribute card "In memory Grandma"
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RFR volunteers hand out Tops bags
RFR tribute card "In memory Grandma"

This is why we ride. This is who we ride for. This is why we won’t stop.

There are so many reasons we continue to get on our bikes and ride to end cancer. What’s your ‘why’?


I am riding in memory of the strongest man I know, My Dad Marv who lost his battle to cancer in January.- Adam F

In memory of my dad and grandma and in honor of many loved ones fighting the fight. You are never alone!- Allison L.

I ride for my longtime friend, my sister from another mister…Michele Lynn. She is a survivor!! ❤️- Amy N.

I ride for all cancer patients, survivors & those that lost their battle. I ride as a cancer survivor and in memory of my brother, Andy.- Andrea Y.

I ride for Andrew John Sobczyk. <3- Anonymous

Team Ingram- Ashley P.

I ride for my wife, Cheryl, the strongest woman I know. She continues fight, 17 years after her first diagnosis. Never give up!!- Barb W

For the Family we lost too soon… Uncle Mark Szalwinski Grandmi Betsey Grandpa Dick- Berkeley K.

I ride for my brother, Thad Hennessy, who lost his 7 year battle with cancer in January, 2020. We love him and miss him every day.- Bill H.

I ride for my Mom, she is a 10 year cancer Survivor because of Roswell!- Branden F

For my Aunt Bonnie. 10 years this year. I miss her so much. Don’t want other families to go through this. Let’s find a cure!!!!- Christine K

Since 2008 in memory of my father, mother, brother Kip and in honor of brother Mike, husband Kevin relatives, friends and coworkers!- Cindy W

Riding so we can find BETTER TREATMENTS on the way to a CURE!- Cindy W

For my mom! She has been a survivor for more than 20 years and she inspires me everyday!- Dave G.

Ron Sandy my father missing every day.- Dean S.

For my grandfather and uncle who passed after their long battles with lung cancer.- Elise N

I ride for Ronald Winn, my husband and cancer warrior!- Elizabeth A

She is the greatest friend and a wonderful mentor to a lot of children with her horses!- Elsa V

For Jim Rogers, a father & husband with the biggest heart and an incredible family. Our patients & their families show me true strength and hope every single day.- Emily W

I ride for my cousin, taken way too soon…💔- Heidi S.

For my daddy, who I miss every day.- Holly E.

I ride for my son who is a brain cancer survivor! SimonStrong- Janet k

My mom is a 3 time cancer survivor thanks to Roswell Park. My family will forever be grateful and I will ride every year for her.- Jessica L

Riding for my dear Mom. She bravely fought this terrible disease for many years. She’s my rainbow.- John P

For my Uncle Dave – who never got the chance to win the fight.- Judy R

I think of my mom and dad every day as I prepare for the Ride!- Karen C

For more birthdays ❤️- Karen S

I ride in honor/memory of my husband, Jerry O’Neill. He started our team 17 years ago after his treatments at Roswell. A cure is in our reach- Kathy O

I ride in memory of my grandmother – Merethea, my sister-in-law – Concetta, my aunt – Molly Devlin, and my uncle – Jerome.- Kathy S

I ride in honor of my mom – Cindy, sister-Sue, aunts-Marcia, Maryann, Santa, cousins-Shane & Kenn, & friends Marta, Bridget, Lucy, Emmett- Kathy S

I am riding for my best friends’ mom who has pancreatic cancer stage 4.- Leslie L

I ride for my father who lost his battle almost 11 years ago. Also riding for many others we’ve lost, and many more who continue to fight!- Lindsay L

I ride for all kids fighting cancer. As a pediatric cancer survivor myself my mission is to help other kids fight the beast.- LUKE GWOREK ( The Band Aid King)

For my grandma’s, grandpa and myself!!- Marcy M

Meet Alissa Vogelsang: Buffalonian, yogi and cancer thriver Several days a week, Alissa Vogelsang unrolls her yoga mat, bows her head and flows through a series of poses that challenge her physically and mentally. The practice has become spiritual in nature, serving to ground and center her as she moves through her day. She belongs […]- Meet Alissa Vogelsang: Buffalonian, yogi and cancer thriver

For my grandma, Florence, who lived every day with love, joy and compassion.- Michelle O

For everyone fighting cancer.- Michelle O

In loving memory of my Dad- Michael Traynor… “He must be the best man in his world and a good enough man for any world..”- Molly T

This year I ride in memory of my father in law Marv who lost his battle to Pancreatic Cancer.- Monica F

I ride for my Uncle Kevin that passed away in 2018 ❤️- Olivia C

My sister, Maria-Rose Frisina. She has inspired two generations of family to become riders over the years! I love ya Maria.- Paschal F.

Riding to honor the memories of Dad, Mary Beth, Kale, Gail and especially Jumbo, who started our team- Peggy G

I ride in memory of Dominick Agnello, Paul Elmore and Michael Elmore. I also honor Scott Powell, Tommy Garner and Jackie Zastrow!- Robby N

I ride for my brother-in-law Dominic Agnello (colon cancer).- Robby Noake

I ride for my dad, taken way too soon…- Robert F.

I ride for my sister-in-law Jessica who is fighting Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer, & my wife Amy who was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.- Ron V.

Sam Accordino: Riding His Own Way in Alaska Cancer impacts every one of us, but for Sam Accordino, that six-letter word has irrevocably shaped his life. Sam’s daughter Casey was always strong-willed. The oldest of three, she took the lead in all things involving her younger brothers, Nick and Max. She proudly donned mismatched socks […]- Sam Accordino: Riding His Own Way in Alaska

To all those fighting the fight we ride for you! Stay strong.- Sandra C.

My dad.. Passed away in 1997 at Roswell and my first participation was 1998 and have participated every year since.- Sharon

For myself <3- Sierra O

Not a day goes by that you are not missed and loved. Love, Amy, Jack and Maddy xo- Steve Lipowski

For my cousin, Herman. Wish we had spent more time in Germany.- Tom J.

I ride in honor of my father, my 1st & 2nd stepfathers,my 2 brothers and all the people who survived,are battling, and have lost the battle.- Tom K

I ride for my friend Jim Golding who passed away last year after a valiant fight with cancer. Thanks to Roswell for everything they did.- Tom L.

My aunt Darlene Sawyer. Then comes to mind my wonderfully amazing team : Ride4Life Tammy R. Joshua Hailey Jacob Robert C. Dylan Andrew and more.- William C.

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