eBikes at Ride for Roswell

Ride for Roswell offers nine different routes, ranging from four to 100 miles. With nearly 8,000 riders, there is a mixed skillset among participants. While a traditional road or hybrid bike is preferred, some riders may want to complete their routes on an eBike. The good news is that class 1, pedal assist eBikes are allowed at Ride for Roswell. To ensure a safe and positive ride experience, however, there are some factors you should consider.

Ebikes stock photo

eBike Usage

Participants using eBikes must still follow the rules of the road. This includes riding on pace with the group of cyclists on your route, passing when safe and waiting your turn in traffic. eBikes should not be used as an adaptive aid to ride longer or faster than you would on a traditional bike.

Charging Your eBike

It is up to the rider to monitor their own charging progress.

One battery/charge will not be sufficient to get you through the longer routes, especially as riders approach the 100-mile mark. In some cases, riders may need two or three batteries for routes with higher mileage. If you bring a second battery, you will need to carry it with you during the ride and have a plan as to when you will change it on the route.

Still have questions about bringing your eBike?

Contact our team at rideforroswell@roswellpark.org.