Featured Rider:

Emily Ciraolo

Why do you participate in the Ride?

In memory of my cousin, Jacob Madonia, who passed away in 2018 after a 10-year battle with synovial sarcoma. He was a longtime supporter of Roswell, as well as an employee. All of the funds raised by Team Madonia (and The Lotus Flower Giving Society) will be donated directly to sarcoma research.

Team Madonia's team photo with Team Madonia sign
Team Madonia's team photo with Team Madonia sign

What have you been doing to raise funds for the Ride?

While I signed up back in April, I sort of put it on hold. Life has just been busy! My birthday is in June so I created a fundraiser a couple of weeks ago at the start of the month and encouraged friends and family to donate to my page in lieu of other gifts. I hit $1,000 raised today.

What is your favorite part about Ride weekend?

Truthfully, I don’t enjoy endurance events. I never did the Ride until Jake passed away. I would always support him and others with donations. It’s an emotional yet powerful experience to ride along survivors and supporters. I was caught off guard when I started tearing up as I crossed the finish line that first year. While I don’t necessarily enjoy cycling, I do it in memory of Jake because he never took for granted all his body could do — even when he was really sick. It is a reminder to be grateful for the body and health I do have, and to continue taking care of it. We only get one.