Some things just go together perfectly, like peanut butter and jelly or Providence Creek Farm and The Ride For Roswell.
Ben Gehl is the owner of Providence Creek Farm in Clarence Center, New York, and his connection to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center is strong. When he realized that two Ride For Roswell routes would pass by his family’s farm this year, he knew it was meant to be.
Ben’s father has been battling prostate cancer for several years and is being treated at Roswell Park. About six months ago, the family learned that the cancer had metastasized to his spine. Despite treatment, tumors have paralyzed him from the chest down. During one of his many trips to Roswell, he discovered that two Ride routes — the 65-mile and the 102-mile country — would pass right by the farm, and he wanted to do something to support it.
“We were interested in seeing if our family could do a small part in giving back to Roswell, which has worked so tirelessly for my father,” Ben said.
And thus a comfortable rest stop was born.

The Providence Creek Farm Rest Stop

The Ride provided infrastructure — tents, tables, food, water, etc. — and Ben’s family provided the location and a lot of enthusiasm.
“We had nearly 30 people ringing bells, making signs, blowing noisemakers and cheering,” he said. “We had kids scattered all over the front yard, with some even in the barn loft.”
The family saw over 100 riders stop at their farm for water, snacks and a place to rest. The kids especially loved cheering on the riders, and Ben said the riders loved the encouragement.
And they’re already ready for next year!
“Our family has a great recipe for homemade donuts,” Ben said. “We are thinking about handing them out to riders next year!”
While no one in his family has ever done The Ride, Ben said seeing the difference an enthusiastic cheering squad can make changed their minds. Several of them are adding The Ride to their bucket list.
The inspiration for the Gehl family rest stop was Ben’s dad. And he was there, cheering on all the riders!
“As our leader, he has imbued our family with an ethic of joy, hospitality and encouragement,” Ben said. “My parents have always had an open door policy at their home. Growing up, we had a steady stream of folks coming through the house. We were always ready to add another plate at the table.”
It’s clear that Ben is continuing that open door policy, including with The Ride. They just go together – like PB&J.