Lindsey Darin at Ride for Roswell

Featured Rider: Lindsey Darin

Why do you participate in the Ride for Roswell?

My cousin and I signed up for our first Ride after our uncle was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After that first experience, I was hooked! It’s such a great, well-organized event that it would be hard to not participate for my loved ones every year. Plus, it’s a great way to stay in shape!

What is your favorite part about Ride weekend?

The Peloton! My first Peloton experience was back when we rode through the UB football stadium and I felt like a celebrity. It was such an amazing experience.  And every year, it’s still the same feeling. From the emotional send-off at Roswell, to the police escorts, to the Celebration of Hope – it’s all so worth it!

What have you been doing to raise funds for the Ride?

My family, friends, and co-workers continue to amaze me each year with their generosity. I am always blown away that even after so many years, they all continue to support me! Right after I sign up for the Ride, I usually send an email through my Ride for Roswell dashboard, and lately I have been connecting and sharing my Ride website to Facebook to get a few more donations, too.

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