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So, you’ve signed up for Ride for Roswell and now you’re ready to make a difference! This is your guide to kick-starting your fundraising efforts and doing your part in the mission to end cancer!

Take the first steps to become a successful fundraiser!


Set up your fundraising dashboard

Your fundraising dashboard is your go-to spot to start your fundraising journey. Personalize your dashboard by uploading a photo and by sharing your story — your why for riding in Ride for Roswell. You can also track your fundraising progress, send emails and thank your donors.


Collect your thoughts

To be a great fundraiser, you’ll need to ask your friends, family and neighbors in the most effective way possible. Be direct and honest about why you chose to Ride for Roswell. Then, make a list of EVERYONE you want to ask and send it out.


Don’t forget to say Thank You

The most important part of being a great fundraiser is saying thank you. Order note cards, send an email or text and even pick up the phone to express your gratitude. Make sure your donors know how important their support is.

Key fundraising dates

Keep an eye out for fundraising incentives and challenges throughout Ride Season. Mark your calendar for Spirit Week and Beers and Gears events.

Two smiling women in green Ride For Roswell shirts

Corporate matching gifts

Many employers offer matching gift programs that double employees’ charitable donations.

To find out if a company has a matching gifts program, review our matching gifts page. If you don’t find your employer’s name using the search function, contact your HR department to see if your company offers a matching gifts program.

If your company does participate, request a matching gift form, fill it out and mail it to:

Ride for Roswell
Roswell Park Alliance Foundation
Elm & Carlton Streets
Buffalo, NY 14263

Your matching contribution will be credited toward your fundraising goal once it has been received. Matching gifts can sometimes take three to four months to be processed by your employer.