Social Media Fundraising 101

Facebook recently made it much easier to share your Facebook fundraiser on Instagram, but funds from Instagram are not displaying in the Ride for Roswell dashboard

Here’s what you need to know.

Already set up your Instagram fundraiser?

If you’ve already set up an Instagram fundraiser, we can help you get credit for the amount raised. Please reach out to us at with the following information from your Instagram fundraiser:

  • Your full name
  • The names of all of your donors
  • The Instagram usernames of all your donors
  • The individual amounts raised by each donor
  • The date of each donation

From there, we will manually post the donations to your account. This can take up to four weeks, as we are unable to post a donation until we receive the payment from Instagram. Please keep this in mind for the cut-off dates for the Peloton and your rewards. 

Instagram sends donations monthly with no information regarding the donor or recipient. That’s why your help is so important.

Instagram fundraiser with number of donations circled in red
Show the donors who have donated to the fundraiser through Instagram
Welcome to my Ride Page instagram screenshot

Why it's happening.

When you switch your fundraiser from Facebook to Instagram, however, the integration to your Ride for Roswell fundraising page gets lost.

The funds are sent to the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation (the non-profit organization that runs the Ride for Roswell), but they don’t reflect on your Ride for Roswell page.

For that reason, it’s best to avoid using Instagram fundraisers.

Here’s what you can do instead:

  1. Stick with fundraising on Facebook or directly through your Ride for Roswell page.
  2. Copy the link from your Ride fundraising page (see below) and paste it to stories or your bio on Instagram (create a story, click the “stickers” button at the top, and select “link” to paste your URL).
Shows the Ride for Roswell page where you can copy your URL