RFR start line

Whether you’re riding your own way this summer or racking up some extra miles before coming out to an in-person ride, we have an exciting, new way for you to track your progress.

There is now an option to submit your mileage through your online fundraising dashboard.  It is a simple and easy way to keep track of all the good you’re doing this summer. Follow the below steps on a computer or mobile device to start tracking:

1. Login to your Fundraising Dashboard

2. Click on the Submit Mileage icon

Submit MIleage icon
Welcome to your fundraising dashboard screenshot

3. A pop up will appear. Click on Profile and then Event Options.

Mileage update screenshot

4. Enter how many miles you’ve ridden so far. Add to it every time you ride to track your total. You will need to do the math to figure out your new total. When you enter the new total, click Save and then you will see a note that your mileage has been updated.

Mileage update: Submit your total cumulative mileage

And voila! Your mileage has been tracked. Every week, we will be tracking the total miles all our riders have ridden on our homepage, so make sure you keep yours up to date. Happy riding!