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Cancer Breakthroughs

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At Roswell Park, we’re entering into a new chapter of therapeutic development which will bring unique treatments to patients faster and speed up the timeline of new therapies that will bring hope to countless people.

With top talent, ambitious leadership and a generous community of supporters, Roswell Park is poised to become a destination for world-class, next-generation cell therapy and immunotherapy treatments.

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What is cell therapy?

Cell therapy uses cells, sometimes gene-engineered, to work with a patient’s immune system. The manufacturing of those cells needs to happen in a sophisticated, dedicated facility that is built exactly for that specific purpose. 

Currently, Roswell Park has six facilities of this kind. The Empire State Development Council has made a significant commitment to Roswell Park to build and equip 14 additional rooms, but we need donor support to complete the project.

This expansion will set up Roswell Park as a leader in cell production for immunotherapies and cell therapies and get us one step closer to being a global destination for this innovative cancer care.

Why do we need these facilities?

Cell manufacturing facilities, also referred to as clean rooms, will allow us to bring therapies to patients faster, eliminating the need to rely on external manufacturing partners and instead bringing the cell production in-house. Roswell Park experts will be able to use the expanded clean room facilities to bring existing treatments to more patients, participate in more clinical trials and research treatments that are still on the horizon.

In the short term, the additional clean rooms will enable Roswell Park’s world-class physician-scientists to develop cell therapies onsite, benefitting Roswell Park patients. In the long term, this will open doors for larger scale opportunities to establish robust partnerships with industry and academic leaders to establish us as a world leader in cellular therapy.

Cell therapy is already saving lives

Chasity was about 6 weeks old when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia. Now, thanks to forward-thinking doctors and advanced treatment options available at Roswell Park, Chasity is a thriving five-year-old girl with four years of remission already under her belt.

A kind of cell therapy called CAR T-cell therapy was the only kind of cell therapy available for children at the time. The experts at Roswell Park want to bring more treatments like the one that saved Chasity to fruition for other patients who need the hope of a promising treatment.

Without community support, this will not be possible.

You can

make this

a reality!

With your help, we can build the critical resources to bring that goal to life. The construction and management of these state-of-the-art facilities comes with the need for a significant investment of $50 million. 

With $30 million already committed from the Empire State Development Council, our goal is to secure $20 million through donations through the Igniting Cancer Breakthroughs campaign.

This will fund the cellular therapy trials Dr. Brentjens’ team sees great promise in and complete the addition of 14 clean rooms to Roswell Park’s campus and begin work on expanding cell production and cellular therapies.

We are seeking individual, corporate and event fundraisers to commit to a $100,000 pledge.

This gift will establish you as a leading supporter of Roswell Park. As a sign of your lifelong support, you will have recognition on a permanent installment, which will be prominently constructed on Roswell Park’s campus. On this, you will have the opportunity to honor someone in your life who has experienced cancer with a photo and story.

Join us in Igniting Cancer Breakthroughs!

For more information on how you can support this important initiative, please call the Individual Gifts Office at 716-845-1338.