Leslie looks on with friend at Roswell Park campus

Leslie's Story

Meet Leslie.

She has been part of the Ride for 17 years, and in 2021 she was a top fundraiser.

During all those years of enjoying her passion for cycling while making a difference for cancer patients, she hadn’t thought about being on the other side, needing that care herself.

Leslie was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma just before the 2021 Ride.

In the fall, she and her husband were relieved to find out she was in total remission. Only weeks later, her cancer returned. It has been a hard battle, full of ups and downs.

One thing Leslie holds onto throughout it all is that her experience is helping to pave the way for cancer patients who will come to Roswell Park after her.

Leslie poses for photo

The cutting-edge treatment I’m going through is really groundbreaking,” Leslie said last week. “It’s unbelievable that it’s happening right here in Buffalo.

Even before her diagnosis, she had ties to Roswell Park. Her father, sister and mother-in-law all battled cancer. She rode for years with them in her heart; 2021 was a little different. 

Having that comprehensive care available just minutes away is invaluable. Leslie is undergoing an innovative treatment called CAR T-cell therapy. (Learn more about CAR T here.) Immunotherapies like this use brand new scientific advancements to arm the body’s own immune system to fight cancer cells. At Roswell Park, we believe this is the future of cancer treatment.  

Leslie at Celebration of Hope

And you’re part of making that a reality.

Funds raised by riders are bringing about new treatments just like this. Treatments that give our patients and their families hope. The donations YOU bring in pave the way for advances in research that can turn the tide against cancers of all kinds. Remember that your Ride makes a difference.

(At the 2021 Ride, Leslie lit the flame at Roswell Park to kick off the Peloton on its way to the Ride for Roswell Torch at the Celebration of Hope.)