Safety tips for Ride Weekend

Safety is the top priority at Ride for Roswell whether you’re riding five miles or 100 miles. You can take steps now to help make sure you and the people around you have the best Ride Weekend possible! Check out these safety tips for before and during your ride.

Rider at Ride for Roswell

Pre-Ride Preparation.

Check your bicycle.

  • Pull your bike out of storage and check the tires, brakes and chain.
  • Get your bicycle tuned up at a local bike shop. Our team believes this is well worth the cost! If you’re unable to take your bike to a bike shop, consider having a skilled family member evaluate your bike before Ride Weekend.
  • Purchase a spare tube that fits your tires to bring with you on Ride Day so if you get a flat, it can be fixed faster.

Riding in a longer route? Now is the time to start training!

  • Our Ride for Roswell team encourages training if you’re riding anywhere from 44 to 100 miles on Ride Day. Remember, for the 100-mile Country Route, you must be able to ride 65 miles in 4.5 hours (15 mph).

Reminders for the 44-mile Canada Route.

  • If you’re riding in the 44-mile Canada Route, follow your email instructions to submit secure personal travel documents data on time. Proper documentation is essential to safely crossing the border during your ride.

Get familiar with the apps.

  • For Ride, there are two critical mobile device apps that you can utilize for route navigation and emergency aid. It’s a great idea to review and activate these apps this spring to make sure you’re comfortable with them by Ride Weekend!
Woman at Ride for Roswell

Don’t forget to pack …

  • One or two sports water bottles that fit into the cages on your bike. Loose spring water bottles can fall out and create crash hazards for others.
  • A fully charged cellphone.
  • A cycling helmet!
  • Your Ride for Roswell rider bib.
  • Personal ID packet in a waterproof bag.
    • Driver license/ photo ID
    • Health insurance card
    • Emergency medical alerts
    • Credit card or cash
    • Travel documents (for Canada Route)

On the ride.

  • Remember, you are sharing the roads with cars. Ride to the right, on the shoulder with no more than two bicycles side by side. Be prepared to ride single file when cars need to pass you.
  • Follow the route guides! There are police, fire police and volunteer route guides at some intersections. Be prepared to stop as directed.
  • At intersections that have no police or volunteer staff, follow all traffic signs and rules.
  • On the start line, all riders start together. After a few turns, riders spread out and ride in small groups. No one is leading the Ride. Use your map, cue sheets, RWGPS navigation and follow the orange route arrows signs.
  • All routes “split” where longer routes keep going and shorter routes turn around. These route splits are marked with big mileage number signs and orange turn direction signs.
  • Dress for the weather in bright, high visibility clothing.
Route Guide at Ride for Roswell

Ensuring the safety of riders is essential to continuing our mission to end cancer. We can’t wait to Ride with you this summer!