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Ride with us at the University at Buffalo on Saturday, June 24!

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Heading size one.

Heading size two.

Heading size three.

Heading size four

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New layout at UB!

We’re moving across campus. A new location means more room to make an impact.

New fundraising rewards.

EMC rewards will start at $1,500 in 2023 with enhancements to all other rider rewards.


Our team coordinator Brianna Athans is here to help! Contact her at or (716) 845-2346.
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Saturday, June 24.

University at Buffalo,
North Campus.

Discover the two ways to ride and decide what’s best for you or your team.

Pick your location and come ride with us on August 7.

Create your own route, go for a ride and have fun.

Thanks to our incredible community, the Ride has helped so many cancer patients.