Featured team:

The Remission Commission

Why do you participate in the Ride?

In honor of all our loved ones who have gone to battle against cancer. Last year we sat for our team picture and this beautiful sunbeam was shining down on us.  We knew our Team Captain was with us.  The Ride for Roswell meant so much to my husband, Jerry O’Neill.  He was always an Extra Mile rider and rode in every Peloton before his death.  He was an outstanding gentleman and loved by many.

The Remission Commission team photo
The Remission Commission team photo

What does leading a team mean to you?

It is an honor to raise money for Roswell, our team has been riding together for 17 years. Our team Captain, Jerry O’Neill made us promise we would continue the work he started.  We truly love and enjoy The Ride for Roswell.

What is your favorite part about Ride weekend?

Being with everyone and starting off at Roswell.  Waving to the patients in the windows of the hospital…the reason we ride.

The Remission Commission team photo