6 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Volunteer Experience

This blog post was written by Jill Citron, Guest Services Coordinator, in conjunction with the February volunteer newsletter. 

As a Ride for Roswell Volunteer, your time and effort help create a great experience for our riders and guests. You are absolutely essential for a great Ride Day!

But did you know there are ways to improve your own volunteer experience? Here’s how. 

Be Open-Minded About Shifts

As nice as it is to sleep in on the weekend, some of the Ride’s most active and rewarding volunteer opportunities happen early! This means that late-morning volunteers can sometimes be disappointed that there isn’t more to see and do. The best way to be part of the Ride during prime time is to consider an early morning assignment.

Understand Your Position

Take the time to really understand the position you are signing up for. Do you mind standing for long periods? Being out in the sun or rain? Do you have physical limitations, like difficulty walking, a need to be sitting down or can’t lift heavy boxes? Carefully check the details of your preferred assignment and make sure you are able to fully participate. If not, look for an assignment that better suits your abilities. Need help? Contact Dawn Hu, Volunteer Coordinator, at 716-845-1055 or Doug Citron at 716-570-4900 for assistance.

Stay For A While

Once you’ve completed your assignment, your experience doesn’t have to end just yet. There is so much to see and do during Ride Weekend. Check out the moving ceremonies at the Start Line, or Join the crowd at the Finish Line and cheer our riders’ home! You can also enjoy a delicious lunch, vote for the best Team T-shirt, or visit friends in their tents. 

Be Sociable

During Ride Day, make an effort to meet new people and listen to their stories. You’ll be amazed at all the incredible people who participate in this event every single year. 

Share Your Thoughts

When the Ride is over, we want to know your thoughts! What worked? What didn’t? What ideas do you have for making things better?

Your input is much appreciated and will help future Ride volunteers have the best possible experience.

Come On Back

As soon as Volunteer registration opens in 2021, sign up again for your favorite position and bring your family and friends, too!

-Jill Citron, Guest Services Coordinator at the Ride and Quality Assurance Supervisor at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

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