Where the funds go

The money you raise directly helps those who need it.

$1 to $23

We’re proud to say that for every dollar donated to cancer research, Roswell Park is now able to leverage an additional $23 from external grants toward that research. This is thanks to the support of the Ride and the hard work of Roswell Park researchers!

A young girl holds a bouquet of flowers and holds her hand in the air after ringing the victory bell at Roswell Park

Support from the Ride Community makes a difference

When you support Ride for Roswell, you are impacting the lives of cancer patients who turn to Roswell Park for care and hope. Here are just a few examples of what your support makes possible.

Research and clinical trials

You’re a part of something incredible when you support Ride for Roswell: you’re shaping the future of cancer care. At Roswell Park, researchers and clinicians are working together to bring the newest, most innovative treatments and technologies to our patients. They’re bringing to life cancer-fighting approaches we could only dream about 10 years ago. Donor support is fueling incredible, groundbreaking changes to the cancer landscape.

Response to Therapy

An innovative blood test that will change the way we treat cancer.

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Response to Therapy is a routine blood test — combined with a novel technology developed at Roswell Park — that could be all it takes to give doctors and patients real-time updates on treatment. It can become part of a survivor’s annual routine check-up with their primary care physician to test for cancer recurrence. A phase 1 study, funded in part by donations, is already underway at Roswell Park.

CAR T-cell Therapy

Advancing pioneer methods that will generate new clinical trials.

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Roswell Park has been developing novel uses for CAR T-cell therapy, enhancing scientific discoveries that can change the way we treat cancer. This work has seen success in treating blood cancers and is now being studied in solid tumors thanks to donor support.

SurVaxM brain cancer vaccine

An immunotherapy that was discovered at Roswell Park and is now across the United States.

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Roswell Park developed a brain cancer vaccine, SurVaxm, that is now in a phase 2B clinical trial in 11 cancer centers across the country. This immunotherapy treatment has shown so much promise, it was featured on NBC Nightly News. Not only that but in late 2023, the FDA gave SurVaxM a fast-track designation.

Quality-of-Life Programs

Roswell Park is committed to the care of the whole person.

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The work doesn’t end at medical treatment, but encompasses the mental, emotional and spiritual wellness of cancer patients, as well. When you participate in or donate to Ride for Roswell, you’re making it possible for Roswell Park experts to run Quality-of-Life Programs like art programs, transportation and translation services, the cancer resource center and salon and much more. In 2023, donations funded more than 50 unique programs.

Seed funding for promising ideas

The world-class scientists at Roswell Park have new research ideas that could change the course of cancer treatment and lead to cancer cures. The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) awards donor funds to give the seed funding needed to investigate new ideas. Through a rigorous, competitive process, researchers apply for a grant and an internal, objective committee decides which projects receive funding. Projects reach all departments at Roswell Park and more than 500 studies have been funded in the last 30 years.

Donate with confidence

Four-star rating on Charity Navigator! Charity Navigator, an independent charity evaluator, gives the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation a four-star rating, their highest seal of approval. This rating indicates that the Alliance Foundation adheres to best practices, exceeds industry standards and outperforms its peers. Roswell Park is proud to receive this recognition for charitable excellence for the seventh consecutive year.